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Discover a new ev mobility experience. Charge payed on the go or book in advance hotel rooms,  restaurants , shopping mall, parkings. Charge free at your arrival while enjoying your journey . Forget about range anxiety

It’s not Only about charging. it’s about your charging destination

A new way of living electric mobility


Plan your trip in our network hotels

range anxiety demystified

Range anxiety represents one of most common reason of EV charging adoption resistance. 

ChargeSplit let you search and book hotels in the place where you need via integrated room search engine. Book in advance and charge free at your arrival.  

– Search Hotels
– Explore Hotel Services
– Book hotel rooms 

– Charge FREE at arrival
– Realtime Availability


stop for lunch while charging!

Enjoy your meal while your car is charging

Why don’t make a stop being sure to find a secure place where to charge? 

ChargeSplit platform show EV restaurants on your way. If you spend the minimum required amount decided from host, your charge will be completely free.  Just show generated charging coupon to validate your discount 


– Charge in restaurants
– FREE charge for minimum spending amount
– Fully automatic. Show generated coupon code to host to get back charging cost


Shopping? charge in the meantime!

Retail EV Charging couponing made easy!


ust arrive on place and start charging. 

If you spend minimum amount advised from the shop then your charge will be free . 

Just remember to show automatic generated coupon in shop


– Charge in shops
– FREE charge for minimum spending amount
– Fully automatic. Show generated coupon code to host to get back charging cost

I’M LOST!!!!! 

chargeSplit is your driving assistant

let he drive you to place while showing realtime information about charging station in your area

Choose your destination and start driving while ChargeSplit navigation show you roads and nearest available charging stations. 

– GPS navigation 
– Realtime Availability 
– Integrated in app

Parking is occupied? 

Getting realtime update about Charpoint and Parking

We use latest serverless realtime technology to guarantee a unique , reliable experience.  


Chargesplit Charging station map is not a standard charging map. It get realtime updates from network and auto update itself. 

No need to reload map , or information about specific chargepoint. Everything is made automatically and in real time.


How many time happens that someone parked in front of a chargepoint? We know how much this can be frustrating. 

We’ve developed a custom sensor that can track any object in front of station up to 5 meters. If chargepoint  ( Chargesplit V1 ) is equipped by the optional sensor , parking status will be automatically updated ( realtime ) on chargepoint informations. 

Set you Free from rfid cards!!

Tap your phone And Charge

We support all authentication method included cards and app but those are not best way in our vision.  

Just tap your phone on charging station. 

Chargesplit automatically detect if you have a reservation and guide you to the free charging feature. 

No reservation? Tap on station with your phone ,get informations and costs for on the go charging, start charge.

Monitor realtime the status of charging from your phone

Available on Ios and Android

No ContraCts! 

just a credit card

Well.  Marriages can be for life or for one day. 

We don’t require you to sign any long term contract, give us your bank informations, tell about full story of your life. 

Fast registration and a credit card is all you need to join our services. 

Secure: Full PSD2 compliant!