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recharge station sharing

EV recharge solutions for residential and commercial

Modular proprietary technology

Type 1 or Type 2 , tethered or untethered up to 22kw of power, oled display, led status button. WiFi , bluetooth and nfc included. 4g, Lorawan, Parking sensor optional. Ocpp 1.6j or Google iot core protocol

Revenue by sharing

It's Easy! Just need to setup your sharing time and electricity price. decide if 's just for you, your employee or everyone
all process are managed in app

Commercial Charging

We know about your custom requirements. We can provide custom charging solution for Hotels , parking and restaurant .

Powered by Google Cloud IOT core platform

Different customer, Different needs 

Just activate the service , decide your price,  our app do all the rest. 

  • Hotels

    Attract new customer by offering free charge or start revenue by unused parking space.

  • Parkings & Real Estate

    Reveunue on your parking spaces by offering charging services and realtime monitor the status of your parking spot (busy by another non charging user? we know that). Ask us about our unique ultrasonic sensor for parking monitoring

  • Restaurant

    Attract charging user to your place or offer valet charing to them. You alwas get 1:1 conversion

by 2023, 43% of sold cars will be electric.
Time is now!

Revolution is just started and we expect to see an hyper grow grow in next 2 years. In our vision everyone can be a recharge point,  creating di fact a distributed network of recharge based on users, both commercial and residential.  saving TONS of CO2 ,  monetizing charging station and expand the adoption of EV by reducing range anxiety

See our presentation video 


  • What about installation ?

    Installation it's easy and can be managed by our installation team, included if you buy the service

  • I'm not gonna share , Do you sell device only?

    Yes , price starting at 499€

  • Can I activate sharing if I buy the device?

    yes, you have activate sharing service service fee of 20€ month.

  • How much money can I made by sharing?

    As you're an host, Medium price of electricity is about 0.15€ per kWh. with a suggested service price of 0.40€ per kWh . charging 7-22 kWh per hour means 2 to 5 € per hour

  • Can I get it with tax rebate?

    Probably yes, in many countries you can get up 500€ of tax rebate for purchasing this device.

  • I'm an organisation and I need custom project, could you do that?

    Custom is our first rule. We created all our technology from scratch and we can make custom solution starting from electronics to end user software. if you have custom requirements contact us

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