What's ChargeSplit?

CHARGESPLIT LET YOU SHARE AND MONETIZE YOUR CHARGING STATION WHILE UNUSED EV users usually recharge their EV cars overnight, leaving their charging point unused for the rest of the day. ChargeSplit, become a public recharge point in unused time, let you revenue your charge sharing in 3 steps: - INSTALL YOUR CHARGESPLIT - SETUP YOUR SHARING SCHEDULE - BE PAYED BY USERS FOR RESELLED POWER ChargeSplit App will manage all the renting process and payout credit directly.

ChargeSplit sharing platform components

ChargeSplit Cloud APP

Your personal app to monitor all your charges, remote manage your EV charger , setting timing for sharing schedule.

ChargeSplit EVSE

ChargeSplit it's a 32 amp level 2 ev charger with fully integrated power measurement and monitoring. Respect of other solution ChargeSplit is fully integrated with sharing apps. No intereaction is required from your side, just choose when your charger is public and get payed by users for your eletricity. Technical details: - Bluetooth 5 and Wifi - Clear Oled lcd - J1772 standard - Wall Mount - Waterproof

ChargeSplit rent APP

ChargeSplit rent is the end user renting app. Chargesplit users community can rent your shared charger by needs. Renting and payment process is a fully integrated and managed process. There's no need for you to be in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

All installing information and wall support are provided with the device.

1) Level2 charging require 240v , 2 lines present. In negative case the maximum charging rate will be of 16 amp

2) Device must be physically accessible if you want to share it

3) A wifi connection is required for device sharing

ChargeSplit support j1772 standard and it’s compatible with all car maching this standard 

Probably Yes!  you have to verify with your state policy for the applied tax rebate

You have control. Simply decide your charger avalilability ( es. from 10 AM to 4 PM). ChargeSplit  app will manage all rest of the process.  Users want to charge their car can rent your charger  directly from the app and  you get payed for power usage. Payment and renting process is managed on ChargeSplit infrastructure , there’s no need you be phisically in place. 

Payments are managed montlhy. You can check each moment the state of your rented hours by APP

ChargeSplit is in testing  phase.  If you like to join our beta program contact us by lower form and we will evaluate your request! 

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