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ChargeSplit EV charge sharing

Private when you need , public when unused

We start thinking, more than 2 years ago, on how increment chargepoints coverage and EV adoption consequently without major investments. 

We then realised that most of private owned chargepoints remain unused during the daytime. 

These chargepoints, if shared as public, would drastically increment territory coverage. 

We developed then a specific solution  for private charging stations sharing .  

User can autonomously decide sharing time  ( ex 10am o 4pm)  and share his private charging point as public.

No interaction is needed between users.

Shared chargepoints become available via our app during sharing time as a normal public chargepoint.

 We manage the whole process:  charging , collecting the payment from charging user  then  pay back to host bank account minus our fee. 

Host users can monitor charges and payments directly via dedicated app interface.


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