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ChargeSplit for Hotels

Focused on your business.
Selling rooms.

Electric mobility is the future and represents an opportunity for your hotel to attract new customers.

We approach this focusing on what is the real objective of your business. 

Selling rooms, not charging. 

Chargesplit is not only an EV charging platform.  It integrates a full search , booking , payment engine let EV drivers book directly rooms in your structure, charging included.

Better for you,  better for them. 

Payments? No stress, forget about credit cards.

We manage all room and charge payments directly and pay you back weekly directly to your bank account. Just install one of our chargepoint to your structure , wait for charging customers , relax waiting money to your bank. 

Non room customers still have possibility to charge, payed , in your structure. 


ChargeSplit Service will let you to:

– Offer free charging to user who book a room your hotel ( process Is fully managed in platform, booking + room payment + charge) 

– Offer Payed charging for on the go users 

– Get Payed directly on your bank account, weekly ( both for booked room and charging ), we manage all payment process from user and pay yo back.

– Having a fixed fee , clear fee, for booked room ( 20% )

– No management Hassle.  Users with booked room charge directly from app without your interaction



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