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ChargeSplit For Parkings

Offer additional charging services to your park, in a smart way , realtime monitored

Electric mobility is the future and represents an opportunity for your shop to attract new customers.

Parking can add charging possibility to increase revenue coming from parking only.

We don’t want to make complicated what need to be simple.

For this vertical business we offer a simpe solution to upgrade your parking to a plug and charge parking. but, that’s not all! We can offer a unique, proprietary developed solution to monitor parking status.

Chargesplit stations can optionally integrate a parking sensor capable to monitor anything present in front up to 5 meters. This way customer will know realtime, if parking is available or not. This resolve one of biggest problem EV users have. Knowing if someone has parked on charging spot without charging. 

Do you have custom infrastructure or want to integrate our service in your enviroment? 

We can develop custom software on request. Call us for details


ChargeSplit Service will let you to:

– Offer free charging to user who book a room your hotel ( process Is fully managed in platform, booking + room payment + charge) 

– Offer Payed charging for on the go users 

– Get Payed directly on your bank account, weekly ( both for booked room and charging ), we manage all payment process from user and pay yo back.

– Having a fixed fee , clear fee, for booked room ( 20% )

– No management Hassle.  Users with booked room charge directly from app without your interaction



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