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ChargeSplit For Retailers

Attracting spending customers to your shop.

Electric mobility is the future and represents an opportunity for your shop to attract new customers.

We think retailers , and in general shops , represents one of the best area where to crete a business connection between ev drivers ( charging) and retailers itself ( having spending customer ). 

Actually market solutions only offer  single approach: 


This always rise up doubt to our mind  and we think in your too :

Are you sure, after spending lot of  money for infrastructure and energy , this customers gonna spend money in your shop ? 

We think, no. 

This is why we created a specific vertical solution , for a specific vertical sector:

Chargesplit will give possibility to: 

  • Offer payed charge  to on the go customers ( not spending in your shop)
  • Offer free charging to customers spending in your shop, How it works:
    • You decide a minimum spending amount for free charge 
    •  Ev driver pay a fixed amount to start charging
    • A coupon is created from the platform, and pushed to user  
    • When user goes to pay in your shop, you just need to scan the code to verify coupon validity
    • Discount pricing of charge if the minimum spending amount has been spent
  • Manage informations about your shop, contacts , images 
  • Manage in app promotion flyer ( show your promotions every time a user open a chargepoint informations) 
  • Manage your logo
  • FULL automated process: no card , no customer asking for activate station, no call to your shop. You just need to validate coupon when customer pay.

Advanced,  optional features for enterprise: 

  • Coupon Validation API for cash register integration
  • EV customers insight Analytics 
  • Custom Charging station graphics


ChargeSplit Service will let you to:

– Offer free charging to customer who spent a certain, from you decided, amount of money in your shop 

– Offer paid charging to non shop customers   

– Being paid directly on your bank account weekly

– Promote your offer every time a user open information about the chargepoint

– No process management. The whole charging process and couponing is managed automatically.

– Integrate coupon with cash register ( optional ) if you’re an enterprise 



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