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ISO 15118 Embedded Software Stack

Embrace V2G technology

ISO 15118 is the next generation standard for EV charging. 

This will be used both to manage Plug and Charge  and V2G bidirectional charging. 

Actually we have more defined standard for that: 

  1. ISO 1
  2. ISO 2 
  3. DIN 70121

We approached the problem by creating a C embedded software stack  that support all 3 standard will allow you to implement the standard correctly and easy. 

It is totally embedded and with a low memory footprint.

It includes all basic things you need to implement the protocol both on EV and EVSE side: 

  1. SECC discovery protocol 
  2. C Structure for protocol messages 
  3. EXI encoder and decoder 
  4. Examples 
  5. PLC driver (Linux and ESP32) (QCA7K)

If you need to integrate this technology in your product we can help we can help you both hardware and software level with our consultancy services. 

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