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ChargeSplit V1 / V2G

Designed, developed, engineered by us for you

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”

Someone say this sentence years ago and we fully agree. To Guarantee an hassle free service you need to have a product that is working in armony with your service.  For this reason we developed from scratch our charging station with 3 main objective: 

  • Being cost effective
  • Be flexible
  • Be stable and reliable both for standard and custom functions
 ChargeSplit V1:  AC Charging from 3.5 to 22 kw.  AVAILABLE NOW 

 ChargeSplit V2G: Bidirectional Charging for home. LATE 2020
 AC/DC 7kw –  DC/AC 3.3Kw –  ISO15118  


  • Mode 3 AC from  3.7Kw to 22Kw
  • Type 2 socket with cable lock 
  • IP55 enclosure and IP65 internal shell for electronics
  • Dimension: 1100mm x 130mm x 130mm – 4mm Structural Aluminium enclosure
  • Anti Moisture valve 
  • Connectivity: Wifi 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC  ( Support of Tap And Charge via mobile phone)
  • V2G Plug and Charge ready ( Can be upgraded via module to plug and charge ISO15118 ) 
  • Tap and Charge (Support of Tap And Charge via mobile phone using nfc)
  • Reservation: Automatically detection of  reservation ( ex. Hotel room with charging included)  by tap and charge 
  • OLED display  2.4″ High Luminosity ( available in white, green, yellow blue) 
  • Access Door for easy maintenance and installation with security keylock  
  • Double Power Meter Class 0.2 + Class 1 MID Certified with display
  • Realtime display on lcd of: Voltages, Amps, Instant energy , Total Energy ( MID) , Temperature 
  • RGB Led button. Show status of station and permit user interaction
  • Dynamic PP – Automatically load management based on cable certification 
  • Dynamic CP – Variable j1772 control pilot , can manage load based on PP information or external source
  • Protocol: OCPP 1.6 JS  WS and WSS
  • Auto Reconnection  Wifi / OCPP
  • Plug and play setup via auto wifi configuration 
  • Emergency unlock : Automatically unlock in case of power disconnection
  • Auto recovery: Auto recovery case of fault
  • Over Temperature
  • Dynamic Over Current protection ( based on real instant load) 
  • Integrated Breaker ( Type A 30 ma +  Type  B 6 ma ) with auto recovery 
  • Plug and Play configuration via Chargesplit platform 
  • Cloud hardware lock.  Become unusable if stolen
  • Lock sensor. Charge not start if cable is not 100% locked 


  • 4G module: Single module support up to 10 station in same area
  • Parking Sensor:Detect any object in front up to 5 meters distance

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