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ChargeSplit for Restaurants

Offer free charging for customers eating at you.

Electric mobility is the future and represents an opportunity for your hotel to attract new customers.


Chargesplit is not only an EV charging platform.

Just hosting a charging station will not give you any control on cost control and never give you possibility to understand if you’re making or losing money on that. 

Our approach: 


Hosting a charging station will give you 2 main features: 

– Offer payed charging to on the go customers who don’t eat in your restaurants

– Create ad hoc offer for customer stop to eat and charge by decidind a  minimum restaurants spending  amount to offer free charging. 

how couponing work:

A qrcode will be generated when customer start payed charge ( fixed amount).

 Just scan the qrcode from the app when customer pay for restaurants to understand if coupon is valid or not.  

Discount back the payed charging amount if customer spend the amount advertised by your coupon. 


ChargeSplit Service will let you to:

– Offer free charging to customer who spent a certain, from you decided, amount of money in your shop 

– Offer paid charging to non shop customers   

– Being paid directly on your bank account weekly

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