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ChargeSplit Saas for Companies

A full ready to go solution to offer EV recharge service to your employee

We love public charging but know company has different requirement.
For this reason we developed a full included ready to go solution to offer , in short deploy time, ev charging to your employee

The solution is composed by: 

– Our Stations Chargesplit V1  

– Software SaaS with web access for management: Ex. ( private cloud possible )  

– Rfid card management or ( if rfid supported ) usage of employee badge

Data segregation: Each instance is private so your data is not shared across other customers

Need more Specific Service ? Want a custom , tailor made solution ? Want to integrate your IT infrastructure ? Need a specific , electronic level integration o customization ? 

We can make all type of custom requirements  to electronics, backend , interface, ad hoc api. 

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Upon Request:

Teaching and dedicated support. 

Full Outsourcing. We manage everything for you. 


Chargesplit Saas is Easy to deplay, Fast, Tailor made to your needs 

Technical Data and Management Features:

– Support  OCPP 1.2 a 1.6 SOAP and JS (ws and Wss support)
– Mutithread architecture for performance consinstency

– Support SSL  web access (http and https) 

– Management feature accessible by web insterface:
– Chargepoint management ( add, delete, monitor )
– Chargepoint remote management: Reset , unlock , local lost , firmweare upgrade ecc ecc

– User management
– RFID management (add, expiring , status ecc ecc )
– Reporting and csv export of data

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