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ChargeSplit Domus

Ultra Smart EV charger for Home and Small business

Work With WiFi Or BT

EV charge and cost Monitor

On Board load balancing included

Available with OCPP/15118 support

Monitor house consumptions

Onboard Solar Balancer included

Small, Smart, Connected

Domus is our interpretation of smart charging.
It's ultra compact (200x200x65mm) but integrated led ring, a 2.42 Inch OLED, connection for load balancing sensor ( included ) , bluetooth and Wifi.
It is available in Home version or OCPP version for business usage. Chargeplit DOMUS is V2G ready with connection for additional HPGP,V2G module. Software updates via OTA permits to add new functions and be always updated with new features

Control everything from your hand

DOMUS is connected via WiFi or bluetooth so it's possible to manage and monitor the chargepoint in realtime remotely. You can pause , restart, lock , schedule , modify charge rate at 1A step.
Domus is manageable from everywhere in the world via app, there's no need to be in the same Wifi lan. This way you can monitor house and solar consumption even when outside home

Works with WiFi

Work With Bluetooth

Schedule your recharge

you can decide when to schedule your recharge with an easy interface

Integrated load balancing and house consumptions monitor

Load balancing & Solar Balancing are included also in the base model . If your DOMUS is connected via WiFi you can also monitor the status of your house consumptions or solar panel production in realtime in realtime. Double Current sensor ( one for load balancing and one for solar) arr included in the box

Statistics and cost management

integrated statistics and cost let you analyse your charging session over week , month and year. just insert cost per kWh and Domus software will do all the rest ( must be connected over WiFi). It will automatically divide Solar and Grid power and show u cost per month , week , year

Advanced functions

CHARGE LIMIT: Decide how much you want to charge for a single session

STOP BY BUTTON: Stop charging by button on charging station without entering in the car

OTA UPGRADE: Receive error correction and new functions with no effort

CLOUD LOCK: Wallbox are hardware locked to your account. if someone stole it is impossible to use with another account

Animated Realtime energy flow

See the energy flow from grid, solar panel , to you car and house. See realtime updated statistics in palm of your hands. By clicking each area you will get specific and detailed historic data about your consumption , solar generation, charge speed

Solar Balancing + Load Balancing + Solar boost

Domus have 3 main load balancing features:

SOLAR BALANCING: It works using solar power only, ( Solar - house consumption)

LOAD BALANCING: It works by balancing power between house and charging. Load balancing includes VGuard function to allow automatic voltage management and avoid voltage related stops.

SOLAR BOOST: It works by using solar power in addition to your grid power

Works with home assistant

Home assistant Integration for Chargesplit Domus will let you export wallbox realtime data for further custom integration with your home

OCPP 1.6JS / V2G

Chargesplit Domus can also works in professional environment. It is available with OCPP 1.6JS and works flawlessly with our OCPP Saas web solution for NO CODE fast deployment and remote management.
That's not all. ISO15118 / V2G version is also available in combination with PLC modem can be installed into onboard expansion slot for future upgrade. Can be installed inside or outside.

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